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Co-Founder / Lead Investigator / Webmaster
I've been fascinated with the Paranormal since reading the book called "Mysteries of the Unexplained". 

I've had my share of experiences of the unexplained. Seeing shadows, being touched & hearing my name called in a whisper. Never understanding what it was or why it was happening. I decided that I had to know what the 'para' normal is. I started with a group in Lawrenceville, GA in 2002. The experiences that I had with this group fueled my passion of the 'paranormal' even more. After 2yrs, me & 2 other members broke away in 2004 & decided to create our own group called 'Paranormal Investigators of Georgia'. PiGA handled private residences & businesses.

In 2008, CatsEye Paranormal was formed to continue the search for the 'para-normal'. We've got a diverse team that learns more & more every day. We still don't have all the answers, but we've gotten some really interesting evidence. We are all still learning, but we never forget to have fun.

EQUIPMENT: MiniDV Camcorder, Digital Voice Recorder, 2 IR Illumniator lights, Laser Grid Scope with Tripod, 14MP Digital Camera, 16MP Digital DSLR Camera, Wide Angle lens for use with either Camcorder.


  MIKE (In Memory of an awesome co-founder & friend)

We've lost a good investigator, co-founder & friend, due to a sudden passing. We are going to be miss you dearly, my friend. All of us enjoyed the time that we were able to spend with you: laughing, ghost hunting, your Rock creations, warm smile & all around good heart!! Send us some ghosts for our investigations,

You will be missed, Mike!! You will be missed!!!


Psychic (30 yrs experience)

I am clairvoyant and clairaudient. I had my first experience with a spirit when I was about 6yrs old and have been interested in the paranormal world ever since. Although I have led quite a few psychic development groups on paranormal adventures to haunted places, I'm only recently learning about the scientific side of the whole thing. My husband Steve accompanies me to Investigations, but he's rather camera shy for the team page.

EQUIPMENT: Dowsing Rods


Lead Investigator / Investigator

Tommy is a retired Lieutenant / Firefighter / Paramedic with 22 years in Georgia. He has enjoyed being in the Paranormal Field for
15 years now.

EQUIPMENT: 1 Hi8 Digital Camcorder, 3 Hi8 Analog Camcorder, 1 MiniDV Camcorder, Digital Voice Recorders, KII EMF Detector, P-SB7 Voice Box, Laser Grid.



For ten years Leon has studied the paranormal and demonology. At an early age, his love for the paranormal would only heighten while watched the show Unsolved Mysteries. This was the starting point for his career in the paranormal, preternatural studies and investigations. When he turned the age of 21, he started researching and studying the paranormal field in which it culminated to him co-founding a paranormal team out of Georgia.

During this time Leon was able to work with many people throughout the paranormal field that shaped in him into the investigator that he is today. He directly acknowledges that the team and people that he worked with in his early years of paranormal research had a great impact on him and he thanks them every day.

Today Leon is the only one being tutored by Dave Considine, Religious Demonlogist.

During his later years with the team that he co-founded he was getting a calling from God to do more in this field than just investigations. In fact, this calling was so strong that he could not ignore it, and finally started to study the field of demonology and founded a ministry that helps people who are under demonic attack called Where Angels Dare Ministries.

He studies this field from a religious perspective and deeply studies the Biblical truths that surround this field. He also studies the workings of the previous demonologists that had the greatest amount of impact on how we should help people from a religious standpoint. He has worked with other well known demonologists throughout the nation and has consulted on cases as far away as Scotland, while having time to be a research analyst on the movie set of The Legend of Seven Toe Maggie. He has appeared on internet shows such as Family Spirit, Demonology Today and The Grand Dark Conspiracy.

With his dedication to the field of demonology and to God he vows to never stop at what he does and this is to help combat the forces of evil by Biblical truth and to empower people to use their God given authority over Satan and his forces. Leon has served in the United States Air Force for the past eleven years, attaining the rank of Technical Sargeant. Leon states that, "seeing people get help at the end of the day is just what keeps me going." His dedication to the spiritual warfare battle is intense, and he travels all over the Southeast to aid individuals.

Leon gives all the praise and glory to God almighty for aligning all the people in his life that has took the time to help him in his studies of demonology but, more importantly, he also thanks God everyday for bringing into his life his wife and three adorable children. They are the people who continually ground him so that he will not get sucked into his studies of demonology too much to where it consumes him.