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CatsEye Paranormal were contacted by the homeowner that stated that her youngest daughter was experiencing unusual sounds of knocking, voices & physical interaction with something out of the normal in the house. The clients 13yr old daughter didn't feel comfortable in her room, nor did she feel safe.

There is 1 thing in the house that made every one uneasy & that was a Hopi Kachina doll that was acquired from a deceased family member. It would appear that the doll was specifically sought after for the nature of what it meant. The Kachina doll was that of 'White Bear', which is associated with being able to cure the sick. The deceased family member passed away from alcoholism & cancer. Every since getting the doll in the family, the whole family had felt uneasy with it for some reason.

In addition to the Kachina doll, the older daughter was following the Wiccan spiritual religion which also made the youngest daughter uneasy with her faith in Christianity.

CatsEye Paranormal made arrangements for an investigation since the youngest girl was in fear of what was going on & didn't want to stay in the house. CEP set up various electronic devices to hopefully record something that would give a clue as to what was upsetting the youngest daughter. CEP ran various EMF sweeps, with no spike activity. Then set up the DVR cameras in the Attic, where noises had been heard & in the youngest daughters room where most of the experiences had occurred.

The investigation lasted 3hrs with no out of the ordinary experiences. The psychic did pick something from the Kachina doll which made her uneasy & advised the homeowner to remove the doll from the home. In addition, to the energy that was picked up off the youngest daughter.

CEP reviewed all the electronic devices without finding any real reason for what the homeowners were experiencing. Now, given the age of the daughter, being 13, most of what the homeowners were experiencing may have been created from the youngest daughter herself, given the nature of the age & all the energy that is naturally with a child who moves into teenage years & then a young woman. Or, there could have been a negative energy tied to the Kachina Doll from the family member that put their faith in the doll to cure them of their illness.

On Advisement, the homeowner destroyed the Kachina Doll. Since destroying the Kachina Doll, the family has had no more strange experiences. Plus, the youngest daughter no longer feels uneasy in her own home. CEP did take time to talk to the youngest daughter about the concerns she had pertaining to her older sister's choice of spirituality. CEP advised the young girl to talk to her sister about it & if she feels uneasy about something, to let her sister know. Everyone is allowed to chose their spiritual path, but no knowing about something & assuming it is all bad, can create negativity that can harm a household & a family.

The family is very thankful that CEP came out & help them.