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CatsEye Paranormal was contacted to do a House Blessing / Cleansing Only. The client's son sent us an email from the CEP website indicating that his mother was experiencing some type of unexplainable / paranormal activity in her home.

The client's mother was experiencing being pushed by something, hearing noises & voices. The client also expressed that his mother felt that all of this was being done by what she believed to be 'evil' entities. The client's mother had also told the CEP case coordinator that she had her priest come over & perform a Blessing. This seem to work for a bit, but then everything started up again at a more intense level.

The client's mother was in distress over what she was experiencing & needed help immediately. So, CEP contacted its resources to perform a House Blessing / Cleansing to help rid the client's mother's home of what was upsetting her & bring peace back to a balance.

CEP & our House Blessing / Cleansing resource went to the client's mother's home. We talked to her in great detail about what she was experiencing. The person who performed the House Blessing / Cleansing stated that she felt a negative energy more than an entity. She also stated that the whole building could use a Cleansing since there seemed to be an overwhelming negative energy flowing throughout the entire building.

The entire home was cleansed & the client's mother was given a few items to help keep the energy calm & positive including a white candle that had been blessed for protection. The client's mother was instructed that whenever she felt something out of the ordinary (negative energy), that she should light the white candle to bring balance back to the home.

The client contacted us later to Thank us for our wonderful work. The client stated that he is very appreciative for what CEP did to help his mother. To Date, there has been no more paranormal activity reported.