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CatsEye Paranormal has come to the conclusion there there isn't enough evidence to determine if this private residence is haunted. Considering the evidence collected, there is some type of para-normal activity, but with that said the activity doesn't justify a haunting nor is there an explanation for the unknown voices captured electronicallly.

After a rigorous review of all the evidence captured, CEP has only discover 4 EVP's of unknown origin (EVP: Electronic Voice Phenomenon. These disembodied voices / words were not heard by the investigators own ears, but were captured on our electronic devices.

• EMF Readings: (Electro Magnetic Field) There were extrememly high numbers captured in the Living Room; Kitchen; Hall & Bathroom. The highest recorded EMF reading was 10+ milligauss. EMF readings could be traced back to the Wiring; Kitchen Appliances; Furnace; Power Box; Water Heater; etc. The only room that wasn't affected by high EMF readings was the Bedroom.

(High EMF can create a fear factor type area or commonly referred to as a "fear cage". High levels of EMF can create headaches; seeing shadows; nauseau; hallucinations; feelings of being watched; etc)

"Yes" after Question
RESPONSE Amplified: Yes "Deep Yes" during general conversation Possible Name  





"I'm right Here" & word "Light" after Question

RESPONSE Amplified:
"I'm right Here"

RESPONSE Amplified: "Light"