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CatsEye Paranormal were contacted by the homeowner that stated that something unexplainable was happening at her rental property in which no tenant would stay longer than 90 days. The reported activity consists of: sounds of walking thruought the night; knocking; dark mists; apparitions; floating faces; voices.

CatsEye Paranormal has come to the conclusion that 2 houses located on the same property are of a paranormal nature. There were several unexplained events, evidence & personal experiences that occurred at both locations in question. However, at this time, CEP cannot determine that the either location is ‘haunted’, but there is some very interesting unexplainable activity.

After a rigorous review of all the evidence captured, CEP has discovered the following evidence: EVP; Photo, & Video.

DISEMBODIED VOICES:we are unable to determine exactly what is being said. None of these were heard outside of the electronic devices. There is definitely something that can be heard, but these voices are not clearly determined.
I drink all day Hello They still are Who was that?  
CEP Investigator talking, right after the word "camera", there's a unknown voice Unknown
UNEXPLAINED CREAKS & SOUNDS: these were captured after hours while all 3 investigators slept. If listened to carefully, one can hear what sounds like creaks from something or someone walking. Video didn’t capture a physical being walking, so therefore it is ‘paranormal’.
Creaks while everyone slept Sliding Noise Unexplained Knock Loud Creak by Camcorder  
Unknown Sound


PHOTO EVIDENCE: This photo was captured around 12am by CEP investigator Mike. The photo consists of an unexplainable mist & anamolie that appears to be in motion at the top of the photo.

At first, CEP thought it might be a lens flare, but there is no evidence of a direct light source that would be necessary to cause a lens flare. This photo was taken after CEP investigator Carl & a family friend had their personal experience (Second experience - see below).




Video's are in MPEG-4 format, which can be played in Windows Media Player or Quicktime. If there is a problem with either of your Applications viewing this videos, here is a link to download 'RealPlayer', which is a Free video player application.

Real Player website:
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CEP Investigator getting ready to sleep.  
All lights are off & the other investigators have turned
in for the night.

Look closely, at the far right corner, there appears
to be an "anomaly" that moves from the
window towards the celing & disappears.




While this CEP Investigator slept on the couch in the
Living Room.   Pay close attention to the blanket
that is covering the investigator.

Towards this investigators feet, there is a brief, fast
flash of unexplained light.

Again all lights were off, the only light
was due to an IR Illuminator on the Digital Camcorder.  
 This shouldn't have caused any light reflections
since it just enhances the Infrared on the Camcorder.




FIRST: was by CEP investigator Angie that took place during a daylight walk around the property that ended up in front of the Yellow house in the far back corner of the property that came to be known as 'Effie’s house' due to a former occupant.

CEP investigator Angie went to go find
CEP investigator Carl, who had walked up to the far corner of the property. There stood a Yellow run down house that was interesting by all means. The sun was still shining while walking the property around 3:30pm. As Angie was walking up towards the house about 25 ft away, something kept drawing her eyes to the window to the right of the door.

As Angie got more perpendicular to the window, she was stopped in her tracks with what appeared to be an older woman peering out thru the glass at her. Angie could see a head – 3 qtr turn – grey hair pulled back, shoulder & 3 qtr of a body. To say the least, it felt like her heart jumped up into her throat at that moment & her legs wouldn’t go any further. Angie kept looking & asking herself if she was really seeing what she thought she was seeing. Stunned by what Angie saw she was unable to pull her arm up & snap a picture. After about a 15mins stance of trying to figure out if what Angie was seeing was real, she turned to call out for Carl. Angie asked Carl to come & check in the window to see if something would be causing a reflection to make it appear to be someone standing in the window.

By the time Carl came back & looked in the window, what Angie had seen was gone. Carl confirmed that there was nothing in the window to cause any type of reflection to explain what had seen. (Later that evening, 2 of the guests claimed to have seen the same lady that CEP investigator Angie had seen)


SECOND: later that evening. CEP Investigator Carl & a family friendheaded up to the house referred to as ‘Effie’s House’.

Carl, family friend & Mike all went to see what could be captured at Effie’s House. Twice CEP had placed a video camera in the house earlier that evening at 2 different times. Once with an 8 hour battery & the camcorder went dead in 10mins, the second time the same camcorder was placed in the house again but this time with a 12 hour battery that went dead in 20mins.

As all 3 approached Effie’s House, Carl asked for contact from Effie. When suddenly about 12 inches in front of Carl’s chest, a ball of light the size of a cantaloupe appeared and flew straight up over Carl’s head. Carl turned to 'the family friend'and asked if he had seen the same thing. The answer was ‘you don’t have to ask, I saw it too’.

Unfortunately, CEP was unable to capture this on video.


THIRD: during the time when all 3 CEP investigators were asleep in the White (Main) house. Mike was in the back bedroom asleep on the floor, Angie slept on the couch in the living room & Carl was asleep in the Main bedroom with the door closed.

CEP investigator Carl couldn’t sleep because all night long it sounded like ‘Grand Central Station’, voices and people walking all night long. There were constant noises and the bedroom was extremely cold.

Around 4:30am, Carl woke up & walked into to the living room to find that the temperature was fine and there was no noise what-so-ever.